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Amazon App Store Optimization & Marketing Guidelines

Amazon, an emerging app store and cross selling point, can be considered the best platform to market your app because of various reasons. Some of the reasons are as follows:

• Quick review response
• Efficient developer support
• Fast feedback from the customers
• Best test drive tool

Now the question that may arise in your mind is how […]

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Top 10 Beautiful iPhone App Website Templates

If one would say that it is the era of personalization then it would be wrong. Every one of us wants to depict his personal preferences in everything we use. Whether it is about wearing clothes, decorating home, or anything else, personal preferences are everywhere. It is of no surprise then now business entities want […]

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Top 10 App Marketing Tools

It is a fact that almost every one of us access app store on daily basis to download different kinds of apps. Without any doubt, in the current age, all of us have become so dependent on apps for conducting various personal or professional tasks that we cannot think about avoid using them. Millions of […]

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