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TheAppMedia Interview with Edo Ohayon CEO of GetLawyerApp

Tell me about your start up ?
GetLawyer App aims to connect lawyers and consumers using Smartphone technologies, wisdom of the crowd and social media. Upon the need for legal assistance, the consumer will enter the App and will be asked to fill out a short & intuitive questionnaire; the App will identify the expertise required […]

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BlabFM The Best Smart App For Quick Interaction and Ultimate Fun

This era belongs to technology and you will find countless messaging apps with which you can interact with your loved ones. However, the smart messaging app, which has grabbed the attention of not only iOS users but also of Android users, is BlabFM.

BlabFM is a free messaging app, which you can download from Apple app […]

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Improve Your Skills with G-Learning App Little Detectives K

Apple app online store offers countless amazing apps to its users whether they are looking for entertainment apps or productivity apps. The best part is that this online app store offers various apps for kids, which can enhance their educational and interactive skills. One of them is Little Detectives K, which is introduced by PUBLSTUDIO […]

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How to Choose App Store Optimization Keyword?

Choosing a right keyword for app store optimization in always a very difficult job. Indie developers always make mistakes while selecting right app name and keyword because they don’t have marketing background. It is a fact that due to immense competition among the iOS app developers, their concerns is to make their apps more searchable […]

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Savaree The Best Car Pooling Mobile App

These days, you can find a lot of advancements in the mobile apps. Lots of developers are putting their efforts to create something new, which can facilitate the tech savvy users at its best. One of the best examples can be of  Savaree, which is the Pakistan’s first car pooling mobile app.
Mastermind Behind Savaree:
Two brilliant […]

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