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Emoji for popular messaging applications

Are you tired of using simple and old smiley’s and want to try some new and unique smiley’s than you must try Emoji.  Great and amazing app designed and developed by Hainan Mobile Studio is one of the best apps on the Play Store because of its unique smiley’s. Sometimes the best way to answer […]

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Musations App Help Yout to Express your Emotions Musically

Have you ever tried to depict your feelings with music? Have you ever tried to sing a song for your loved one or any friend? Do you know that expressing your feelings with the power of music is also possible? If you think that it is not possible, then here it is the time to […]

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Slice Geom Mobile Game Enhance Your IQ Level

While many of the slicing and dicing games are too be seen in the Google Play store, another amazing and informative game is also here. It is an extra challenging game, which will increase your IQ and will enhance your interest in the math once again.
Slice Geom Mobile Game:
The Slice Geom is the game, which […]

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Use File Experts with Clouds To Manage Your Files

Coping up with the files in your busy schedule is really not an easy task especially when you are busy like a bee! But, if you are an Android user then things are pretty simple for you.

Yes, the new Android app is here, which will help you like some assistant in managing and finding your […]

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Web PC Suite A Tool To Access Your Gadget’s Browser on Your PC

Have you ever thought that how you can manage your Android smart gadget’s web browser from your PC or laptop? This was not possible earlier but it is easily possible now.

With the Web PC Suite, you can run anything on your phone from the PC without using any data cable. Moreover, this app is totally […]

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