If you are bored with playing the same old solitaire games, then here is something that is going to just blow your mind. Solitaire TriPeaks is the name of that game. There is going to be a Tiki to guide you and navigate throughout the islands with a cute puppy dog named Poi.

There are more than 600 levels to play, and each level has exciting challenges. At first, the game might need seem to be much interesting but as you understand the gameplay, you are simply going to love it.

The gameplay is quite simply, you simply have to use the typical solitaire mechanics for removing cards from the game board as fast as you can. There are going to be plenty of cards on the deck. Fill up your Streak Meter for unlocking the solitaire bonuses.

The game is quite responsive, there are plenty of animations and the graphics and sounds are simply amazing. The game has its own boosters which include peek-a-boo, magic eye and the shark hook, so you are going to have an exciting gaming experience. This game is going to be quite rewarding for the one who is playing. Solitaire isĀ free so you will love playing it.