It is not wrong to say, coloring is one of the few things which kids learn first. Toddlers feel very happy doing coloring. Holding a pencil in hand and drawing straight lines on paper is first writing practice of kids. Then they want to use different color pencil to make colorful lines. Even when they go to kindergarten school, teachers first teach them how to do coloring. Kids feel extremely happy doing coloring. With the advancement of technology, now kid’s even toddlers easily use mobile phones so they are fond of playing coloring games in it. ABC coloring pages for kids are perfect for them.

ABC Coloring Pages for Kids App

In ABC coloring pages for kids, Kids can color 36 pages. 26 pages contain ABC letters and 10 pages contain numbers. Best thing about ABC coloring pages for kids is kids can drawing alphabets and also learn animal name. In coloring pages alphabets and animals are used simultaneously to make this game very helpful for kids. Pleasing backgrounds sounds also increase the attention of kids to learn alphabets and numbers and it also improve the kids experience during coloring pages. Kids can also share coloring pages which they made with their friends and relative by social sharing feature of game.

If we go for conclusion, ABC coloring pages for kids is a complete coloring game for toddlers and kids. Hope you will share positive words to make this game more interesting.

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