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It is a duty of parents and preschool teachers to teach the toddlers new games, which are interesting for them.  Gone are the days when ABC games for kids used to come as puzzles and blocks. Though, these puzzles and blocks are still the best ways for kids to learn, but now many new ways are there with the advancement in technology. One of such ways is through the internet. There are many computer programs for toddlers, which they can play with their Mommy and enjoy along with learning alphabets.

The most important part of games is that a toddler should enjoy and understand the game being taught to him. A good game will help the mummy’s little kid achieve both the things simultaneously.

Why the ABC’s Learning Game?

Parents teach their toddlers about how to eat, go to the bathroom, how to speak and different manners for socializing among people. Teaching them ABC is an equally important task as all these above mentioned teachings. Alphabets are the building blocks of any language and teaching them at the small age will be beneficial in enhancing their reading skills at an early age.

Why it is important for kids to learn ABC?

The sooner the child learns ABC, the quicker he learns other skills of reading and writing. It is actually a foundation of learning which you teach your child. You can also enhance the child’s ability to perceive things. His learning through listening and watching is improved and polished.

How it helps children’s to learn ABC:

There are several games for children available online for their learning. They can learn by a number of ways from these games. Following is the list of games which helps the children in learning ABC.

Features of ABC Learning Game for kids:

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Read a to z

Read from a to z to the kid and ask him to repeat. This will help him remember the words by listening.

ABC Letters

Showing letters or alphabets to kids will help him enhance his visual learning ability.

ABC Phonic

Singing and reading phonic chants to the children will help in developing interest in developing.

Animals Sounds

Toddlers are usually attracted by animals, show them pictures or sounds of them will help them learn the alphabets.

Learn to write or ABC Handwriting

There are many apps available which show the kids how to write a letter and spell a word.

Fill Colors

Toddles always find it interesting to play with different colors. It is fun to teach them through colors.

Draw Patterns

Drawing patterns will increase their memory and will help them improve their artistic taste.

Match Dots

There are many worksheets available in which kids can join the dots to make a letter.


Sequences will help children develop communication and learning skills.

Find Correct Image

Kids find it fun playing with different hidden images.

ABC Puzzle

ABC puzzle is like a jigsaw puzzle, a fun game for kids.

ABC Quiz

This is the best game for kids to test their learning abilities.

Watch Demo Video of ABC Learning Games for Kids:

Short Conclusion:

Young kids have difficulty paying attention to one thing at a time for a long time. So, it can be difficult for a mother or a teacher to make them learn letters. Different games were established to make them focus on learning with fun. They can learn through games more easily, than by any other means.

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This app is great and makes learning fun for my daughter My daughter has learnt alot from this app it has made learning her ABC fun
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