Kids love to learn when they start walking and talking. The kids are prone towards learning and the features with sounds, colors, and catchy features attract them. The smartphones are the newest favorite of everyone including the kids.

ABC Learning Games for Kids You Must Have:

There are number of apps, which are available on the Play Store these days. These apps include many games and apps for the children too. Kindergarten and nursery are supposed to be the very first step towards learning for the children at school. The life has become pretty busy for the parents too, therefore, they hardly give time to the children but with this very new gaming app available for Android smartphone, the kids have got new origin to learn ABCD.

The ABC learning games for kids is the very finest gaming app available with some attractive features that will make the kids absolutely happy. They will get to hear sounds and read the alphabets even before going to the school.

kids abc learning game

The features in this game are:

  • The children learn to write alphabets in the proper way.
  • This app has the games, which will make the kids learn the alphabets in an attractive way. They just watch it for hours and will learn ABC.
  • The kids can draw their own patterns and can show that how much they have learn.
  • The alphabets are also available in the animal’s voices too. There are poems and rhymes present in the animal’s voices.
  • There are beautiful sequences present, which appear as the alphabets upon joining. Children feel happy when they join them and they appear as the alphabets.
  • When kids are done with the learning of the voices, shapes, and, the writing, they come across the ABC quiz game.
  • With the puzzle game, the kids get their abilities polished and they tend to solve the things themselves.

This game is an ideal for your toddler and he or she will learn the basic alphabets before even going to the school.  So, get it in your Android phone today and make your kid happy!

Free Download ABC Kids Learning Game from Google Play Store. Read more on their webpage.