There are more then 2 millions app available on different app store, getting your app discover and standing out of crowd is one of the biggest issue mobile app publisher are facing. If you are mobile app developer or publisher you must know the different methods of mobile app marketing. One of the most important method is App Store Optimization or ASO. The reason behind this is that recent research shows that 63% of app discovers through app store.

A Need Behind Doing App Store Optimization:

By keeping above research in mind, you can see that there is great potential of App Store Optimization. 63% of the total buyers prefer to consider app store search in order to download an app. Here comes the role of App Store Optimization i.e. ASO. Keep in mind that if your app store will not be visible to potential buyers then they will not likely to purchase the app and you may lose a lot of returns for sure.

app store optimization aso

Factors Involved in App Store Optimization

Before getting into the detail of factors involved in App Store Optimization, you need to understand that this technique is quite new and there are chances that changes will be made in this technique on time to time basis just for the improvement of ASO. However, the basic factors will remain the same, which are as follows:

Always select the catchy title, as people always get attracted towards the title instead of getting into the details. Do not forget to add the selected keywords in the title of your app.
Once the potential buyer get attracted towards the app because of fancy title, the next thing comes into notice is description of the app. It actually represent the details that what this app may offer to its user. Practices say that descriptions should be divided into two major parts. First part should be concise and must not be longer than 1-2 lines. This part should highlight only the major uses of the app whereas the second part should be little long putting light on how app works. Adding screenshots to this part will be a value added.
Keywords mean which words will describe your app. If your selection will be an entertainment online radio then it will show that what your app is all about. Thus, try to be specific and creative while choosing keywords. Try to focus on what people will prefer to type is search bar when they will like to search an app like yours.
Do you agree that beauty attracts and curiously compels to research more? If yes then design your app logo in such a way that your potential buyers not only get attracted but also become curious to explore more about your app.

We follow these steps for App Store Optimization:

1. Improve your App Name.

2. Keyword creation and optimization:

  • Brainstorming about various keywords people can actually use to search for your app.
  • Help you with keyword research and optimization.
  • Analysis of keywords your competitors are using.

3. App localization.

  • Localization of Keywords.
  • Localization of App Name.
  • Localization of Screenshots.
  • Localization of Description.
  • Localization of Language strings within the App.

4. Design an eye catching and appealing app icon.

5. Unique description.

  • A good and effective app description by professional copy writers.
  • Specific app description with reference to specific app category.
  • Creation of Unique Selling Proposition of your app to explain why your app is better than your competitors.

6. Video creation.

  • Video trailers to increase downloads and conversions for apps.
  • Videos tutorials to showcase your app – highlighting the top features of your app.
  • Video submissions on You Tube and other top video sites.

7. Screen shot creation & optimization.

  • Creative and unique screenshots for your app.
  • Screen shot explanation and additional graphics.

8. Design and develop an effective app landing page.

9. App reviews and ratings.

  • App submission to various app review websites.
  • Guaranteed coverage at app review websites.
  • App promotion via mobile app bloggers community.
  • YouTube video for app reviews.

Last but not the least when you are done with the basics, try to design a strategy with which you can be easily discovered. For this, the best is to treat your app profile page as a landing page in order to market it. Different SEO techniques including writing press releases and reviews, forum announcements, etc. can be considered. Keep in mind that the more your app store will be visible the more will be the chances of your app’s sales and this all is possible with App Store Optimization.


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