In this technological era, the usage of apps has become quite common. You will be amazed to know that millions of apps are available, these days, to facilitate the users. Now the question that may arise in your mind is if there are so many apps available online then how the users make selection from the available apps. You will be amazed to know that the developers prefer different kinds of marketing techniques to make their apps look attractive. They write appealing description, add screen shots, and much more to compel the prospects to buy their apps. One of the best practices is to add video trailer with the app, which was focused by Android apps previously. The best example is of the most amazing and appealing video trailer of Plant vs. Zombies available on Google Play Store, which helps a lot in compelling the prospects to download this app.

Is App Video Trailer Finally Coming to the Apple App Store?

App Video Trailer One of the major concerns of Apple uses was that whether app video trailer is coming to Apple App Store or not. For such users, good news is that iOS App Video Trailer has already become the part of Apple App Store. Now you must be thinking that with which app this iOS App Video Trailer is available. If yes then you must know that Clumsy Ninja’s App Store page is offering a minute long video trailer along with some screen shots. The most interesting part is that till now this is the only app having the trailer, which makes it unique from others, as this trailer helps the prospects to find out what this app is all about and this surely increases its probability to get downloaded more. Why is it important for Apple to have iOS App Video Trailer for each app? There can be many reasons to have iOS App Video Trailer with each app. One reason is that the iOS App Video Trailer can make an emotional connection of the viewer with the app, which can force him to get the app in his gadget. Apart from this, Google Play Store already offered video trailers, which can be considered as its competitive edge. Thus, to be in the competition, it has become immensely important for Apple to introduce iOS App Video Trailer with each of its app now. A new turn for iOS app developers App Video Trailer is coming soon in Apple App Store. It is one of the biggest news for iOS apps developers, as this news will make them advertise their apps with an innovative manner.   Source: