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Amazing Deer Hunting Game for SmartPhones

Have you ever heard of an experience related to hunting via game? If not then you are about to enter a real life hunting scenario where you will be using your hunting techniques. Hunting season has just set in and this is the right time to enjoy hunting with the help of an exciting game […]

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Best Sniper Shooting Game for Android Phones

Are you willing to enjoy real life 3D mountain sniper shooting? Have you ever played any game that allows you to enjoy such an experience? If not then mountain shooting sniper is the perfect game. In game, you have received an order from the headquarters to be in the battlefield. Enemy has invaded your several […]

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Best Game for Chess Lovers is Available Now

Chinese Chess is also termed as Xiang Qi, Xianqi, Cotuong, Co Tuong, Asian Chess and Janggi etc. This game has been designed for Mahjong and Chess Checker players. It is not necessary to learn Chinese to play this game. It is because equivalent symbols are shown too.
Chinese Chess
This game is known to be one of […]

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Create your own edited photos by STEP

STEP by lotogram is one of the simplest photo editing app meant for iPhonegraphy. The developers of this app have set new standards for mobile photography. With the best resolution cameras, people have started to use their smartphones for making photography. If you have STEP app in your phone, it is going to let you […]

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A blasting cards experience with Solitaire TriPeaks

If you are bored with playing the same old solitaire games, then here is something that is going to just blow your mind. Solitaire TriPeaks is the name of that game. There is going to be a Tiki to guide you and navigate throughout the islands with a cute puppy dog named Poi.

There are more […]

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