This era belongs to technology and you will find countless messaging apps with which you can interact with your loved ones. However, the smart messaging app, which has grabbed the attention of not only iOS users but also of Android users, is BlabFM.

BlabFM is a free messaging app, which you can download from Apple app online store as well as from Google Play for free. Tech savvy users love to use this app for various reasons. Some of the major reasons behind its immense popularity are as follows:

Free Availability

You must have come across various chatting apps, which are available for negligible cost or you have to pay its monthly or annual charges after using for some time. There is no such obligation associated with BlabFM. This amazing chatting app is available for free for every iOS and Android user.

Quick yet Easy Interaction

You can add as many friends as you want and can interact with them not only in a separate chat window but can also contact them in a group. The most interesting part is that giving unique names to each group you create is also possible.

Sharing and Caring

BlabFM focuses on sharing and caring element as well and allows you to share different videos and photographs with your loved ones. Not only this, but you can also create and share a virtual card with your loved ones to ensure them that you care about them.

Pure Entertainment

BlabFM acts as a pure entertainment sources for every Android and iOS user because of its available options including Moods, Popular Games, Poker, etc.

Countless Add Ons

There are countless in-built features of the app, which you can enjoy all the time. Like you can change the theme of the app in a color you want. Apart from this, you can also add different Add ons to your app’s tool bar to make it more entertaining. Some of the popular Add ons include:

  • Texas Holdem Poker (£1.99)
  • Express Chat (£1.49)
  • Virtual Gifts (£1.49)
  • Virtual Greetings Cards (£1.49)

Hence, this app is fun of fun. The need is just to download it now.

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