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Counter Terrorist Attack 3D Mobile Game for iPhone, iPad and Android

Counter terrorist attack is an awesome first-person shooting game made in unity 3D that gives you good graphics in a small memory space. It has auto aiming feature which makes it easy to play: just bring crosshair near to the bad guy and it automatically aims at him and then you press shoot button to […]

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LEO Privacy Guard Safe QR Code Reader & Private Albums set passwords

Leo Privacy Guard is wonderful and most trusted application.Leo privacy guard protects your personal photos and videos.Leo Privacy Guard hides and keeps your privacy from annoying snoopers and prying eyes. But not only photos and videos this can also protect documents and applications.

To protect from kids and other users.This application is useful to clean junk […]

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Best Game for Chess Lovers is Available Now

Chinese Chess is also termed as Xiang Qi, Xianqi, Cotuong, Co Tuong, Asian Chess and Janggi etc. This game has been designed for Mahjong and Chess Checker players. It is not necessary to learn Chinese to play this game. It is because equivalent symbols are shown too.
Chinese Chess
This game is known to be one of […]

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ABC Coloring Pages for Kids App

It is not wrong to say, coloring is one of the few things which kids learn first. Toddlers feel very happy doing coloring. Holding a pencil in hand and drawing straight lines on paper is first writing practice of kids. Then they want to use different color pencil to make colorful lines. Even when they […]

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Musations App Help Yout to Express your Emotions Musically

Have you ever tried to depict your feelings with music? Have you ever tried to sing a song for your loved one or any friend? Do you know that expressing your feelings with the power of music is also possible? If you think that it is not possible, then here it is the time to […]

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