Over the last few years Netflix has grown at an absolutely breakneck pace and now boasts one of the largest libraries of online streamed content – ranging from movies to TV shows to other videos. If you, like many others, enjoy watching content from Netflix then you undoubtedly know just how amazingly convenient it is to have all that content at your fingertips – unfortunately there is one drawback: You can’t download or save Netflix movies.

In most cases this drawback really isn’t that big a deal, however if you’re going to be somewhere with no internet access, or even if your home internet access is spotty and unstable – it will be difficult or impossible to watch your Netflix movies. With the Movavi Screen Capture Studio however, you can use a fairly easy workaround to download your Netflix movies.

How it Works

As you can probably guess from its name, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio will allow you to record video directly from your screen. So all that you need to do to ‘download’ and save your Netflix movie is record it on your screen while it is playing.

Because the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is so easy and intuitive to use it isn’t that complicated to pull this off. Just set the software to capture the region where the Netflix movie is playing, and start the recording while you also start the movie. Once it’s done you can conveniently save it using one of the presets available that will automatically optimize it for a device or platform of your choosing.

Edit, Adjust and Enhance Videos

Aside from being able to save your Netflix movies, you’ll also have a host of other options at your disposal that will let you edit, adjust and enhance your videos. Using the Movavi Screen Capture Studio you can improve the video quality, fix common problems, insert audio tracks, add customizable text, use special effects and filters, and much more.

More specifically in this case you can cut and combine segments of video – so if your Netflix movie is interrupted midway you can simply start a second recording from the point where it was interrupted and then combine the two later on.

Assuming you want to download Netflix movies so that you can watch them whenever is convenient – the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the easiest way to get it done. If you’re willing to experiment and explore its features a little bit, you’ll find that there’s much more you can do with this software too – and you may even want to start creating your very own video content since it makes it incredibly straightforward and simple.