How long does your smartphone or tablet’s battery last? Are you facing the same battery life and phone heating issues? Well, if you’re thinking that the next smartphone, you’ll buy will last longer on one battery charge, and will not heat up then you must be in a delusion.

As our thirst for alluring super HD screens and addictive graphics features grows, forlornly the battery supplied doesn’t quench our thirst of screen addiction. But, Now gone are the times when you worry about your battery life, Du Battery Saver is the solution to all your problems. It elevates the battery performance up to 50% and the Pro version of this app extends the battery life up to 70%.

This app attracts attention among the rest due to its noteworthy features. Following the notion that prevention is better than cure, this app offers a fascinating phone cooling feature too. Wondering why does your phone heats up? Mainly, the CPU regulates your smartphone’s temperature and the apps that increase the CPU usage can be the reason of CPU’s overheating, deflating the lifespan of the device. The phone cooler feature scans our smartphone for the apps that are causing overheating of the CPU and disables them to decrease the phone’s temperature and protecting the hardware

Smartphones, and for that matter all electronic gadgets, heat up, but the question is how much is the limit? The middling overheating temperature of a smartphone’s CPU is 63℃. The remarkable features of Du Battery Saver are a life saver for us; it cools down the CPU to a safe functioning temperature. So, why are you waiting? DON’T waste time and haste in downloading the app.

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