Reading adventurous books is always fun for everyone. I used to read lots of such books when I was a child and even now I love reading such pieces of writing. Thanks to technology, various gadgets are available now with which the reading lovers can access to various e-libraries to quench their thirst of reading. Kindle is one of the best examples of such devices. Apart from this, various other devices including iPad and iPhone can also be used for such purposes.

Enjoy SHERLOCK Interactive Adventure:

Being the tech savvy gadget lovers, few days back me and my friends planned to spend a night together to enjoy reading some adventurous book. After a detailed research, we planned to read Sherlock Homes, as it was my favorite character in my childhood. Reading any Sherlock Homes adventure would be fun that was our thought and it was right. As we had to read the Sherlock’s story on my iPad so we decided to find an app for this purpose. We searched Apple app online store and found SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure, which is developed by the experts of HAAB. The best thing is that if you have iPhone or even iPod Touch even then you can use this app, as it requires iOS 6.1 or later with 908 MB storage capacity in the gadget.

sherlock adventure app

We enjoyed our time that night just because of the installed app. It offered us a lot of features while enjoying the journey the Sherlock. Some of the amazing features from which you can also take benefit are as follows:

  • All the original content of Sherlock Homes is available with amazing 3D animations.
  • Almost 30 scenes are plotted with the involvement of different characters in an amazing style.
  • Audio voice of Simon Vance is available so that the users may listen to the adventurous story in his voice.
  • The user can access to the old London city map and can also enjoy 20 amazing musical themes.

You can free download SHERLOCK adventure game from Apple app store here.