Do you have any idea why people are unable to make money with mobile apps despite of their great demand? Yes, it is true that nowadays everyone uses apps on their phones and this is the reasons a large number of developers are developing amazingly handy mobile apps. However, many of them are unable to make money out of them.

  • Why they are failing to make money?
  • Are they doing something wrong?
  • Where they are lacking?
  • Do they need to focus on good strategy?
  • What could be the possible attributes affecting their returns?

There can be many such questions hitting your mind and the answer to all such queries is to focus on a systematic approach.

How Famous People Made Money from their App Business?

It is a fact that many developers are not making money out of their apps but there are also a lot of developers, who made huge sum of money from their mobile apps. One of them is Carter Thomas, who earned $20000 from his app business. You will be amazed to know that Carter Thomas developed and sold more than 400 iPhone and iPad apps in first two years of his career as an iOS marketer. He worked smartly and now he is the owner of a well-known mobile game publisher of the industry.

How Carter Thomas made $200,000 by selling his apps?carter-thomas

Every mobile app developer wants to know how Carter Thomas made huge sum of money from his apps. Besides having a competent background, he followed a simple approach to be successful. He tried to be different and focused on app monetization. He took every step as a winner. Moreover, he preferred to help others in becoming successful, which polished his own skills.

10 Steps to Make $200,000 from your Apps:

According to experts, making money from mobile apps is not a rocket science. For this, the mobile app developers just have to focus on few simple steps and in return, they will manage to make almost $200,000 from their apps. These worthy to consider steps are as follows:

Step# 1: Focus on App Flipping or Skinning:


Instead of creating a new app, the best approach is to flip it to get more returns on investment by spending less on the creation. Keep in mind that re-investing in the existing app will save the cost and will bring additional profits to you. Learn more how to flip.

Step# 2: Buy Low Source Code:

The best approach to make money from mobile apps is not to start from scratch but to get a cheap source code preferably of games and develop it faster than your competitors. The developers can buy source code from Apptopia, Chupamobile, etc. Click here to get info about 11 sites selling iOS and Android source codes.

Step# 3: Create a strategy to monetize your app successfully:

Focus on your audience needs and develop a strategy to monetize your app successfully. The best strategy can be developed by emphasizing on who, what, and how. According to Carter Thomas, 33 days are perfect to get 100% return on any gaming app. According to him, he can earn $1200 within 33 days by investing just $600 on re-skinning the app. Moreover, emphasizing on any low quality app more than 30 days will not be worthy, as it will waste your time.

app monetization

Step# 4: Use Reliable Sources to Monetize your App:

Always prefer reliable sources to monetize your app including Mopub, Openx, Chartboost, Smaato, Jampp, Tapit, and many more.

Step# 5: Choose the Hot Theme to get Money and Traffic:

Always find out what apps and themes are popular and make the similar one. For example, if Angry Bird app theme is in trend then you must re-skin the similar one to attract more traffic and to make more money.

Step# 6: Emphasize to Capitalize Flashy Designs:

Keep in mind that if you will advertise your app with poor quality screen shots and icons, then it will ruin your all effort. Hence, the best is to capitalize your app with flashy designs.

Step# 7: Approach famous Advertisers to Capitalize:

Always contact to famous advertisers to capitalize your mobile apps. Don’t forget to checkout these  4 best app monetization networks with high CPC.

Step# 8: Publish in the Right Way:

Publishing in the process to make your app code live for the users. Follow these app store optimization guide while publishing your app. Keep in mind that to publish in the right way. I will also recommend you to create awesome app promo video or explainer video.

Step# 9: Repeat the Process:

Repeat the entire process again and again and re-skin apps to make lots of money within no time by investing low.

Step# 10: Start Making Money!

Now you have done everything that is required. Hence, it is the time to make money from your re-designed apps.

These all are the simple but effective steps, which one can follow to make money from app business. Do not wait, as you can be the one too!