We all thought that learning alphabet letters is the matter of kindergarten life only. But with the advanced life and the technology, everything has changed. Now, you can make the children learn all the alphabets even before going home and this you can do with the help of your smart gadget.

Kids ABC Alphabet Letters:

By downloading Kids ABC Alphabet Letters Android app, you can actually turn your Android app into the Kindergarten class. There are various methods and ways through which the children may learn about initial ABCD. The app makes them learn and recognize the alphabets so easily that they face no issue when they go to school. Even this app saves their time from the pre-schooling and kindergarten classes.


The amazing Kids ABC Alphabet Letters Android App saves the cost and time of the child and parents, both. Parents can give away the phone or tablet to the kids and they can play, plus learn at the same time. You do not even need any helper or teacher for them. The children will be able to learn and speak the letters. The app has the feature of showing the letters with drawings and sounds of alphabets. Children have the different capacities of learning. Every child has different of it, but with this app, it is guaranteed that your child will start speaking and will learn the alphabet letters sooner. Hence, this app will enhance the learning capacity and ability of your child.


Instead of giving some bad games to your kid, the best thing to do is to download this game and to let them play. This will increase their interest towards studies as well. The interface of the app is specially designed for the toddlers. It is simple yet attractive. The characters can be done in both the capital and lowercase. With this app, the kids cannot only learn how to speak any alphabet but can also learn to write it by seeing them.

This app is easily available on the Google Play and parents can download it on their Android apps easily. There are many parents, who have this app in their phone for their kids so that they can listen and learn. The app takes reasonable place in the memory and it gets updated too. So, get your kids to the best teaching place and make them learn alphabet letters in the most fun way. You can free download ABC Alphabet letters learning game from Google Play Store. You can free download some other cool ABC Learning Games for kids from our app store.