In our daily life we depend on our smartphone for a number of things like calling family members and business associates, storing our credit cards pin numbers and also to view videos and comment on the social media. Some of the information we store in these devices is sensitive and therefore, it should be kept a secret. Leo privacy guard is a good application to keep all your information secret easily.

This application is easy to use and because it does not require the complicated setup that many privacy applications requires. It is phone based and therefore, all your data is kept safe within your device. To keep data safe, you can opt to use fingerprint, dots, and keywords.

The application has a QR reader, and a secret camera to capture the secret moment. It is more than just a privacy application because it has antitheft capabilities, it warns you of malicious WIFI connections and also it helps you to make your phone fast by deleting junk data and clearing the cache.


  • The Leo privacy guard is available for both the android and IPhones
  • It is available in different languages
  • It has a user-friendly interface to enhance fast saving and retrieval of data

You can free download Leo Privacy Guard from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.