To spend a night together with friends or cousins is always a fun. I also love to spend night together with my friends while playing fun games, eating food, watching movies, and much more. If one would say that the friend get together is an ultimate fun time then it will not be wrong. The best part is that we all friends decide to play a new game or watch a new movie every time we plan for a get together.

Minion Runner iPhone Game:

Few days back, we planned to have a get together in which we would play any fun game. However, which game we should play was our real concern. We all were thinking to find out the best game to make our get together full of fun then an idea clicked my mind. Why not to play a game on gadget this time? I asked every friend of mine which gadget he owns and to my surprised, everyone was a proud iOS owner. Based on this information, I planned to explore Apple app online store. My aim was to find a fun iOS game for free, which neither of us have played before and then I found Minion Runner.

Minion Runner

Minion Runner is a free iOS created by Norcron. From the name of the app, it looks like a game based on running. Yes, running is the main attribute of the game but the surprising factor is shooting. This game is all about a runner shooting game, which you can enjoy playing with your friends. If you want to power up and defeat your enemies then you can spend coins to get this goal. You can play this amazing game on iPhone, iPad, as well as on iPod Touch.

We download Minion Runner Game from Apple App Store and had lots of fun. You can have this fun too.