Tank Hero Defense by Kids Fun World is a game that is meant for the ones who love the tank battles. You have to be the tank hero as you are required to destroy the tanks of the enemies.

Tank Hero Defense Android Game

The army seeks for the recruits to take control of the powerful tanks and destroy the tanks of the enemies. In the game, 3 parts of the world have already been attacked by the enemies and now it is up to the tank heroes to save the world and take control. The powers in the enemy tanks include tiger, Sherman and more. But the tank of the heroes is superior in terms of speed and accuracy so it can be used to destroy the tanks of the enemies easily.

There are 20 locations in the game which have to be freed from the control of the enemy tanks. The last location is one of the most dangerous location where a tough tank battle will take place. Those tanks heroes will win who are capable of winning the last level.

Tank Hero Defense Battle Demo Video:

Tank Hero Defense is available for free download, you can get started now and enjoy the tank battle in the most thrilling form.