Tell me about your start up ?

GetLawyer App aims to connect lawyers and consumers using Smartphone technologies, wisdom of the crowd and social media. Upon the need for legal assistance, the consumer will enter the App and will be asked to fill out a short & intuitive questionnaire; the App will identify the expertise required for the case, will send it to all the relevant lawyers who are registered in the App (field of expertise & geography) and get back to the client with a shortlist of lawyers in their area who have applied for the case, including comparative information: price, rating, distance and recommendations. The client will be able to compare and choose the right lawyer easily, as well as other related services, such as funding, medical experts, private investigators etc.

How did this idea come to you?

When I first arrived in the U.S. a few years ago, I needed  legal services. I discovered the high percentage of legal services acquired every year (30% of households and small businesses).  These consumers face two great challenges: selecting the right attorney in terms of: expertise of the attorney, availability, capacity, distance and more, and determining expected costs of the legal process (both attorney fees and court fees).

As for attorneys: A significant segment of approximately 400,000 attorneys, many of whom are sole practitioners, lack the resources and/or knowledge to promote themselves in comparison to larger law firms, and, if given the opportunity, could offer a competitive cost structure to a much wider range of consumers.

How will your app bridge a gap and/or solve a problem?

Because technology is now readily available to anyone, we decided to use our professional know-how as lawyers, wisdom of the crowd and Smartphone technology to create this unique and friendly platform that can make “finding the right lawyer” a user friendly experience.


How do you generate revenue?

  1. The app will be free to consumers at all time
  2. Attorneys will pay a low sum of 39.99$
  3. Offering a variety of related services to consumer

What is your business model?

The App focuses on a specific market segment: Consumers: Claims of torts, divorce, immigration, contracts, real-estate, criminal etc. Attorneys: sole practitioners or small offices that lack resources to promote themselves in comparison to larger law firms.

The app will be free of charge for consumers. Lawyers will pay $39.99 per month. We will also generate income from offering related services to consumers, such as legal funding, expert opinions and so on.

How much financial backing do you have and by whom?

At this point we are trying to raise money via a crowdfunding campaign.  We believe that if a group of people want to create a change they must be involved in making it. (See more at the message for community question).

What’s the five-year plan? Ten-year plan?

Our five-year plan consists of:

  1. Attract more lawyers and consumers to use GetLawyerApp services
  2. Provide additional  related services
  3. Duplicate the concept of this platform for different services such as insurance, mortgage etc.

Who are the competitors and how well are they doing by comparison?

We face 3 kinds of competition: Indexes (such as yellow pages) websites and legal portals.

GetLawyerApp is the only US web-based solution which works as a tender marketplace

Our advantage over competitors is in the use of social media and crowd-wisdom to support the decision making for consumers. As opposed to our competitors, GetLawyerApp provides quick & simple upload of case details, the ability to sort lawyers by parameters such as price, rating, distance and previous consumers’ feedback.  For lawyers, the competition will normally require very large marketing budgets, while our business model will provide exposure and marketing advantages with little budget.  Serving as a tender platform, it will provide a full professional intake, meeting all legal requirements and allow lawyers to easily assess cases and present themselves in a respectable and clear manner to the client

What is your message for your community?

As we know, the legal market holds a very traditional structure that has almost zero tolerance towards changes and adaptation to new eras. The 80% – 20% rule (80% of the business holds 20% of the market) is still very evident, and marketing models haven’t changed for years. Therefore we will use the internet and social networks to create a new, more equitable, balance point between the large and well established firms and the sole practitioners and small offices’ attorneys.

We will create a platform that will empower businesses to reach their potential even with little budget, and empower people to be smarter consumers of legal services.